The Forgotten

Each time she comes in,  she cries
for she does not want to be here
who are you? she asks me,
Do I really have to be here?

But they take her anyway,
ignoring her sad pleas
for she no longer knows what’s best for her
though she doesn’t agree

For time has taken away the memories
that once marked her life before
wiped away all the years
till there’s nothing left to restore

So she sighs and lies back
upon the pillow beneath her head,
closes her eyes and tries to remember
her sons now long dead

She asks me then, with kindly eyes,
Do you believe in god?
How could he take away the memories
of the ones I so loved?

Though it was so long ago,
she would have clung to them then
now all that’s left are shadows
there’s no one left for her to condemn

And when it’s all over,
when the hour draws near
I wake her and tell her,
it’s time to go, my dear

She smiles then, and tells me,
what a lovely time I’ve just had
I saw my sons today –
How could anyone feel so sad?



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