How things have changed between us
since the last time we parted ways,
I no longer see that swagger in your walk
nor that glint of mischief on your face

How life must have played tricks on us
since that last hello that we said
No more fears written all over my face,
nor visions of love dancing inside my head

How strange the way Fate ultimately plays us
like pieces on its worn-out chess board
Sometimes the moves are way too savvy
yet there are those done by one, as if now bored.

Once your luck was placed high above mine –
or so it seemed then to you and me
but Fate had other ideas and swept that board clean,
held you down for what seemed like eternity

Now here we are again tonight
as we sit across each other in silence
You in your place and I in mine
There’s no more time for pretense

For things have changed ever so subtly
and we’re no longer the same as we were before
How you and I have grown apart so quickly
You’re no longer the man that I once longed for.

8 thoughts on “Changed

      1. Suffice to say, the muses of writing can be found. Even in suffering. 🙂

      2. Agreed. Gah, I hope you don’t mind me sharing. But the quiet in the office is KILLING ME. And because of this quiet I think of her occassionally. I hate it. Gah.

    1. Thanks! I almost felt like I had to add an addendum to say I’m not really that terrible a person for moving on – if only I can remember who I really wrote it for 🙂

      But It’s nice to know that I’m not alone.

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