Love, New York

You stood there in your black suit
looking as beautiful as any man can ever be
smiling your dangerous smile like always
you still know how to make me feel

so much like the woman I am
so much like the child inside
so much like a woman in love
In your eyes, I have become blind.

You sit there before me with that sweet gaze
your blue eyes sparkling and aglow
telling me things I long to hear
swearing promises I don’t want to know

Why do we go on with this dangerous game?
here we play it everyday
Why do I still quake at your burning touch?
I am numb to the games you play.

And now you’re beside me with your face close to mine
closing your eyes, relaxing as you claim
touching me with your hands, your eyes, your words
In your arms, I will never be the same.

Whenever I am with you,
whenever I feel your touch
your memory burns into my soul –
no man has ever made me feel so much.

Yet here we are so far apart,
you feeling indifferent, me feeling alone
I wish you could know how lonely it is –
for without you, nothing feels like home.


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