Love, New York

you stand there in your dark suit
as handsome as any man can ever look
smiling your dangerous smile like always
you’ve always known how to make me feel good

so much like the woman i am
so much like the playful child inside
once a feisty woman in love
lost in your eyes, i have become blind

why do we go on this dangerous game?
how can we keep playing it every day?
why do i still quake at your burning touch?
have i grown numb to the games you play?

and now you’re next to me, your face close to mine
relaxing after a long day, you claim
touching me with your hands, your eyes, your words
in your arms i will never be the same

for whenever i’m with you
whenever i feel your touch
the memory of you burns into my soul
no man has ever made me feel so much

yet here we are now, so near yet oceans apart
you feeling indifferent, me feeling alone
i wish you could know how lonely it is
for without all of you, nowhere else feels like home

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