Once, Long Ago

I have grown to love you
It’s so true
You have entered my life to be
the one love that could never be
But lest you forget, please remember
My feelings are not mere toys for
your pleasure
My love is not a trophy for all to see
I just wish, in one fleeting moment
that you will love me
I have long grown accustomed to your face
I have learned to quake at your embrace
a solitary kiss
maybe long
maybe true
I have missed that touch, a glance
I have prayed for more than just one chance
Yet all these could mean nothing
to you
What am I to do?
For some, love comes and then it goes
But for me, it stays in my heart
for it knows
the beating, so strong, so true
it spells out my love for you
My heart will be breaking
the day you will have to go
Just never forget that long ago
Once, I loved you so

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