Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Threshold

My friend’s husband needed a kidney transplant and had been on the transplant list for some time.  During one of their visits down to Southern California just before he had to start some protocol to lower his white blood cell count, I took them to see the Hollywood sign.  And while we, the girls, were taking our pictures with the sign behind us, Craig turned around to watch the setting sun in the horizon just above the L.A. Reservoir.

Even though the sun wasliterally in front of us, and therefore, not a good way to take a picture, I snapped this one because it just struck me at how it mirrored just where he was in his life.  How close he was to getting a kidney!  How close he was to getting a chance at a normal life, where he could go back to school, get a job and work without having to worry about his home dialysis schedule where he had to be hooked up to those tubes for up to 10 hours a night.

It’s one of my favorite pictures of Craig, and now that he’s got his new kidney and after almost two years of close calls as his body struggled to adapt to the donor kidney and the endless medications, he’s back to school and enjoying life.  He even started posting his poetry online.  And such breathtaking poems they are, too.

Weekly Photo Challenge


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