Daily Prompt: The Problem with Numbers

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

I remember some classmates trying to sneak something like this into the classroom in high school. Vintage calcu-pen image from vintagecalculators.com

I never liked math, especially when it comes to figuring out what the heck happened to x and y and why they just kept losing each other.  My difficulties with math began when I was little.  In grade school, just when I thought I got all caught up with adding and subtracting, they threw in multiplication (that was easy) and then division.  In fourth grade, I had to stay after school so that I could be tutored along with other students by the math teacher, Miss Chua.

I didn’t mind it though.  She was my favorite teacher for she knew that not everyone could understand math right away.  So she stood behind me as I divided one number by another, and little by little, as the neurons inside my brain fired up and made their connections, and I felt important enough – maybe not as important as the smart ones in class – but important enough to be noticed and given extra attention to, I answered one equation after another.

I would do well until I met geometry and I wondered again where the heck would I need to worry about hypotenuses and parallelograms if all I wanted to do was be a writer.  Algebra was worst, but then came trigonometry.  But if I thought those were bad, I had yet to meet Physics.  Physics, to me, was all about math – but this time it had to do with how fast or how slow things fell from some building (which also depended on what they were, though I vaguely remember, that they’d fall at around the same speed – unless it were a feather maybe?), or traveled at this speed to this great distance, and I wondered again, as a writer, where the heck would I need to know all these things – unless I’m running late as usual for some meeting and I’m wishing the light would turn green just one or two seconds earlier?

But as with all things, it all came to pass, and soon, whatever I learned in math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and physics would be stuffed somewhere in my cerebrum, hoping to be coaxed out and asked to play again.  In the meantime, the only math I really like is the ones that involve this thing called money.  And from what I’ve learned, the higher the number, the more fun there can be had by all (most of the time) – well, as long as we’re talking only about adding and multiplying it, that is.



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