Daily Prompt: My Amazing Table

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MACHINES.

There’s a serious flaw in every massage table out there, whether they fold up for travel, are sturdy enough to handle up to 1,000 pounds of working weight, or even go up and down depending on how high or low I want the table via these fancy pneumatic systems.  You see, none of them are equipped to assist you in doing something that’s so important to do in the middle of most sessions.  And really, when  you’re so zonked out receiving your massage, drifting off to la-la land, Narnia, or Middle Earth, the last thing you want to hear is me saying, “Please turn over.”

We say it so much that in Thailand, my teachers have shortened it to simply say, “PTO,” short for – you guessed it – “Please turn over.”

And so you drag yourself out of your meditative-transcendental-amazing-OMG-did-you-have-to-disturb-me state to figure out, “how the hell am I supposed to turn over?”  Some therapists even have a  system of how their clients are to turn over.

“Turn towards me, please,” they’ll say, which always has the client turning the opposite direction – guaranteed.  I mean, you’re just too zonked out to make any sense of what I just asked you to do.

So I’ve always wanted to make this amazing, awesome gadget that will keep you in that delicious state of wherever you might find yourself in while in the middle of the massage – where the request, no, the order to turn over usually happens – so that in lieu of you having to physically maneuver yourself to turn over, whether it’s turning towards me or away from me (I can never remember the ‘right’ way myself anyway), I’d just step on a discreet little button that will  – wait for it – flip you.

Yep, flip you.

Like flipping a flapjack over on a pan, only it’s you being flipped (ever so gently – still working on that part) onto whatever side, prone or supine, I didn’t work on during the first half hour.   I haven’t figured out what the effects of gravity on such a gadget would be against your body as you’re being flipped over, but I know one day I will.

So, who’s with me?

*And yes, that is my massage studio complete with the HUGE quartz/citrine crystal lamp!


Daily Prompt

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