Daily Prompt: Progress

When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PROGRESS.

Choiceworks Scheduling App
Because sometimes I need this more than the little guy does

I was never the type of person who stuck to routine and ritual.  Even after my son was diagnosed with autism and later PDD-NOS – and then told that routines would help him greatly, it’s still a struggle to follow the basic wake up-eat breakfast-brush teeth type of routine with me, much less with him.  When schedule boards were introduced to me, I actually thought that it was more for me than for him.  Because heaven knows I need a schedule board.

And why not?  I’m a writer.  My head is buried in other worlds, where I constantly play with other characters,  muses and villains.  Worse, I’m constantly plotting. 

It’s the one thing I discovered in the past year that gave my life meaning.  Sure, it’s wreaked havoc in my daily life and the laundry doesn’t get done, nor dinner get made, but it is what it is.  Thank goodness I go in spurts with the housekeeping, which often leaves the poor hubby, the clean freak, the full time job of picking up after the little guy and myself.  No wonder I have to gift with him with massages – not with me as the therapist but with someone else, where he can also escape the craziness of the house he has to share with a writer.

So what would I like to see on my blog once 2014 is over, you ask?  Probably a blog that’s filled with clues to help me find out who I really am and most of all, what I really want in life.  And probably a blog that looks neat and nice and pleasing to the eye, too.

Just don’t ask me to show you into my house…

Daily Prompt

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