Malham Light | Walking with a smacked Pentax

For those that don’t know, Malham is in the Yorkshre Dales and set amongst the limestone hills – which always means dramatic scenery. It is also only 20 miles or so from my home.

There are four main features of Malham – the Cove, Gordale Scar, Watlows dry valley and the Tarn. I only had time to do two – the Cove and Gordale, but I shall return shortly and do the longer trip to take in the others. They will be worth the wait.

via Malham Light | Walking with a smacked Pentax.

Because my reblog didn’t work, I’m just using the ‘Press this’ widget to make this work. 

Whenever I get the inkling of writing something Standring-ish or Sparkhouse-ish, I have only to look at this blog with its beautiful photographs of the Dales and, well, the general neighborhood. And even though Sparkhouse is supposed to be set by Hebden Bridge, I preer to imagine it set close to this area instead. Check out James’ pictures! They’re all amazing!

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