The overwhelming international community response to typhoon-ravaged Philippines

I’ve always felt that because I’m now living in the US, I’m very detached from what’s going on in my home country. So I’m grateful for bloggers like Quierosaber who blogs about the goings-on from “the trenches,” so to speak.

Quierosaber's Blog


pathThere was nothing we could have done to divert the path of the destructive super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan that was heading towards the Philippines.

It was simply the country’s fate that the strongest typhoon ever recorded in the history of the world shall have been formed in the Pacific Ocean to cause havoc and suffering in a country whose ecclesiastical faith, collectively and predominantly, is towards the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.

Was God playing Russian roulette and inadvertently pointed it at the struggling people of a developing country?

But, that is neither here nor there.

Suffice to say that man is no match to nature’s fury, wherever and whenever it strikes. The degree of destruction is equally proportional to the strength of the destructive force and it could not be more glaring and apparent than when it hits a poor country like ours.

It is in this context…

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