After draining emotions, rage

THERE IS NO TACLOBAN CITY RIGHT NOW – A very sad statement of the Mayor Duterte after he visited and experienced Tacloban City . ‪#‎helpPhilippines‬ ‪#‎DavaoCityInformationOffice‬

DUTERTE: (translation by Milk Tea)
I want to talk to you all… *CURSE WORD* I think God was somewhere else when the typhoon hit… The dead are lining the streets, even until now.

The people have no electricity, no food, no water, all their dead are on the streets, the survivors are looking up at the heavens…

I really do not know; The President has been there. Mar Roxas was there. I would suggest that, this is only a suggestion, I do not mean to […] STATE OF CALAMITY is not enough, there has to be a STATE OF EMERGENCY because there is no local government functioning. Those that they depend on, the police, the army, and even the social workers of the government, all of them are victims, all of them are dead. Even the police and the army there are dead.

So there is no city government functioning. I am not implying anything, but as a Filipino I have to say something. All the dead are along the streets…. *CURSE WORD* …. I do not mean to be… but, God must have been somewhere else. Or that he forgot that there is a planet called Earth.

I don’t know whether to cry. I cannot shout in anger, because you cannot be mad at anybody there. A lot of people in Davao are giving out names for me to check … but, THERE IS NO BARANGAY THERE. No is moving; The people seem like zombies walking, asking for food,… *CURSE WORD* What is this life…

[I saw a] Police, in uniform, dead. It means, all people cannot do their jobs because they are all victims. … YOU HAVE TO HELP. They don’t know [the gravity]. Filipinos are dead, you have to [send help]. Even just food.

I feel so sorry for them, even if they wanted to retreat and take shelter. I took off in the helicopter, Tacloban is a plateau! Even the countryside is flat, so even if the people run for 50 kilometeres, they have no place to [be safe]. It’s all flat. They have nowhere to go.

The people that I sent out the other night arrived at Tacloban just this afternoon because they had to negotiate their way; Our 911 have complete equipment; I think we were the first, but I’m not saying we were the only one who’s helping. But the [rescue team] we sent is only good for 3-4 days, before they will wear out. There is no clear means of getting food there, no toilets, so I expect my men to want to go back.

I need people who know how to handle the dead. There are so many; No one is ready to speak out… They are decaying. Remember: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday; So my decision was right, when I observed what was happening from the TV, I told the Davaoenos, “WE HAVE TO HELP; NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER HOW LITTLE, WE HAVE TO HELP”

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I still couldn’t bear to see videos of the emotionally draining devastation and sufferings of people, specifically in Tacloban, brought about by the ferocious super typhoon Yolanda/ Haiyan, which has exacerbated as food deprivation and desperation lingers and made even worst by wild behavior of some bad elements in our society that borders on anarchy and terrorism.

For some reason rage against leadership in government has overcome my feelings of deep empathy for the survivors who borne the cross of the strongest typhoon that ever hit earth and continue to bear it days after it wrecked havoc because government has not been responsive and decisive enough to do what has to be done because of passiveness and insensitivity.

I remember about a report that came out during President Benigno Aquino’s visit to Tacloban where he had a brush with a businessman who first asked that the government already declare martial…

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