Daily Prompt: Sad But True

Tell us about the harshest, most difficult to hear — but accurate — criticism you’ve ever gotten. Does it still apply?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HARSH.

“You never finish what you start,”
And isn’t that the awful truth?
I love the excitement of something new
till it fades away, like memories of my youth
When life was full of wonder
when every day was filled with awe
Then one day the colors faded
Left baffled by the truth of what I saw
And so the tasks remained undone
challenges left unfinished
but still I continued on with new things
whirling like a dervish
For it’s the excitement that I crave
That addict’s high that I need
if only it never faded away
In this life, I’ll actually succeed.


Daily Prompt

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sad But True

  1. You might not believe this but it was the day my family met my husband, he was my boyfriend at the time, for the first time. We had just spent 4 days driving across the country from Virginia to Idaho, camping out having a great time for him to meet them. It was August. We left Wyoming at 8am and after driving across the Rocky Mountains through some nasty Construction, we arrived in my hometown about 2pm. Everyone was in the front yard waiting for us to drive up. We were hot, dirty, tired. The first thing my sister said when got out of the truck was.. Well first she slithered up to Orcrist. She said “Ooh, you’re much more handsome than Arkenstone said you were.” She looked at me. “Gees” she said, “you’re getting fat and your hair is really ugly.” I am 5’10. I weighed 134 pounds. Orcrist has disliked her ever since.

      1. I wrap you in a hug, Joanna. I can only say, my sister was not raised to be cruel, she learned it all on her own. She continues to hone her cruelty to a fine edge. I have not spoken to her directly in more than 5 years. However, she continues to “slice and dice” me to the rest of the extended family. I quit trying to defend myself to them years ago. I live 2300 miles away from it all and it is their loss that they do not know me for the person that I truly am.

      2. ***hugs and more hugs***

        I totally understand. I left my home country for that same reason. So now there’s an ocean between us – 15 hours flight time and a flight I don’t care to take.

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