Daily Prompt: Name That…You!

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us IDENTITY.

511KQ256PGLFor so many years, my mom always said that she named after the horse in the movie National Velvet, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney.  And for so many years, I believed her.

Then, when I was about 22 or so, I told my then-husband who I was named after.  Horrified, he promptly rented the movie and played it that night.

I still remember calling my mother the next morning, indignant for having been misled for so long.

“Mom,” I said. “The horse’s name was Pie.”

“Oh, it was?” She asked innocently.  “I must have forgotten.”

But then my mom has always had a wicked sense of humor.

Daily Prompt

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Name That…You!

  1. Pie, really? I always thought it was Velvet, too! Must have missed seeing that movie….Pretty name, whatever. Not sure I would name my kid after a horse, though, really. My mom named me after her favorite singer. OK, not that much better than a horse….. 😀

    1. My mom has a strange sense of humor, and her name starts with a V so it was either Vivian or Velvet. Since my father’s name starts with a P, all my brother’s names start with a P. She has a strange system all her own, too, it seems LOL
      Which singer did your mom name you after? I can only think of Marie Osmond at the moment (“I’m a little bit country…and I’m a lil bit rock ‘n roll”)

    1. Can you imagine?! I wonder if there are girls named Pie even? Maybe Pi like that book/movie Life of Pi.

      I grew up with a classmate named Io, for one of the muses. That was a strange name for sure. But she was the only Io I’ve ever known!

  2. Oh Pie, will you quit your complaining! 😉
    My parents went for a traditional Polish name and paired with my last name, it’s virtually unpronounceable if you’re not from here. Seriously, it sounds like white noise.

  3. I love your name, Velvet. I think it fits you. But this is a funny musing anyway. 🙂

    My parents agreed to keep my name consistently French. (I am speaking of my “real” name, of course – please forgive the need for anonymity.) This name of mine was a burden somewhat as a teen, because I could never find my name on any mugs, key chains, jewelry or a myriad of other things that teenagers think they want.

    Later, people expected me to know French, which I never bothered to learn outside of a basic Jr. High introduction. Seulement un peu, pardonnez-moi.

    Then there was the “porn star” aspect of it that people latched onto. I’m still not sure how “french” and “porn star” connect in people’s minds, but there it is.

    I do, however, manage to get on a lot of random event mailing lists though. 😉

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