Time’s Up

Dorkdaddy re-posted this question on his blog after reading this post from Fodder 4 Fathers.

If you could go back in time and tell your father one thing before he had kids, what would it be?

I learned about my father’s death when my cousin texted me her condolences on the morning of June 28th.  No one had told me that he had died hours earlier, around the time I had shut off my computer at 2 am and decided to call it a night.  The next morning, his body was cremated and shortly after that, the video of his cremation was posted on Facebook without any privacy settings set up.  The video would remain online for the next four days till the girl who posted it, well meaning with her intentions (I guess), finally did as my brother requested her to do days earlier, and removed it.

If I could step back in time so I could see my father alive one last time, preferably with my mother next to him during happier times, I’d tell him to work harder at his marriage and not give up, nor give in to the temptations around him.  I’d tell him that in doing so, he’d be able to spend more time with his three children who wanted only his time and not all the money that was easier to dispense.

I’d ask him to listen to his only girl who had no one to tell her troubles to, and not pay attention to the men and women who clung to him only because he had become wealthy and powerful, always with a hand out to ask for something from him, to ply him with more drink and compliments so they could milk him dry of everything till he had nothing to give, not even himself.

If I could go back in time and tell my father just one thing before he had us, I’d ask him to simply be there for us. Nothing more.  Because time is too short, and before we know it, our time here is done and we’re left with the memories of someone we barely knew.



2 thoughts on “Time’s Up

  1. The answers to these questions are so honest and so raw. There’s a lot of daddy-hurt out there; more than I would have expected. It’s touching and moving that people are willing to share their feelings in this way.

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