Daily Prompt: Final Lessons


My father died at dawn yesterday
After a long yawn he was gone
Days after I discovered
Another betrayal
That left me reeling
Wondering why
he’d risk all
to feel


the tears have yet to come down my cheeks
they haven’t come these past two days
all three of us seem detached
hurt from being betrayed
by a man we loved
to whom we gave
we all

*The nonet poetic form is a 9-line poem that has 9 syllables in the first line, 8 syllables in the second line, 7 syllables in the third line, and continues to count down to one syllable in the final (ninth) line.

Daily Prompt

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Final Lessons

    1. You should try writing a nonet! I highly recommend it. I’ve written poetry since I was younger but I just discovered nonets in the last 3 months or so. Word by word, as it goes 🙂

      I can’t wait to read your nonet!

      1. I am not much of a poet. I started writing poetry when I started this blog..I tried Haiku few times..a nonet seems to really difficult. I am not that comfortable with english..I’ll try learning more and write one.
        I’ll definitely try…thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

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