Mail Order Bride

She paints herself gaudily
she lacquers her toenails pink
she keeps herself fair and pretty
she then pours him a stiff drink

He dresses in his finest suit
makes sure his glasses rest on his nose
when she walks in he makes sure he sees
every detail from her head to her toes

For he’s paid a hefty price for her
he’s even flown a few thousand miles for her
written a bit of prose here and there for her
to win more than just her smile

Maybe someone who will love him
maybe someone who will care
she most definitely must keep his home spotless
certainly take down her long brown hair

She must make sure to clean the bathrooms, too
cook him wonderful suppers as well
for he’s paid a costly price for her
he’d be damned if she tells him to go to hell

So she sits and waits for him patiently
when he asks her to be his lovely bride
she’s not going to be one of the many
lonely poor women left behind

to fend for themselves in the barrios
she’s not about to be called an ‘old mail’
She’d rather be off to America and be married
even if she did it all by mail

* Boxed Poetry Series features old poems I wrote over 15 to 20 years ago, stuffed in a box in the garage.  It’s interesting to see how I don’t write poetry like this anymore, and so I’m putting them up as I find them (and trying my best not to edit them to death) and as a reminder to myself of how I used to see the world once upon a time.

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