Live your life according to you
Live your dreams the way you always want to
Follow the path no one has yet created
Carve out your niche for the successful never waited

Expect pain to lie in wait
in the path ahead of you
Persevere and don’t give up
This I know to be true

For success comes to those
who always keep trying
Get up and stand up,
wipe away the tears you’ve been crying

Live up your dreams
and never let them go
Hold fast to that vision
that only you will ever know

For tomorrow will certainly come
waiting for someone like you
Keep that dream alive
Let your heart always remain true.


A few days ago, I found a box filled with poetry I wrote in the early 90’s.ย  It’s interesting to see how I don’t write poetry like this anymore, and so I’m putting them up as I find them (and trying my best not to edit them to death) and as a reminder to myself of how I used to see the world once upon a time.

11 thoughts on “Heart

  1. That’s a lovely poem – I look forward to reading more from your box of treasures!
    It must have been wonderful suddenly finding a box filled with poems from years gone by and maybe remembering where you were and what you were feeling when you wrote them.

    1. Thank you, Dr. Ali ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s a very interesting box, that’s for sure. Some happy poetry i made for a friend who had a breakdown, some happy poetry for me when I was apparently feeling down, then some really really dark stuff as well.

      So yes, it’s making me try to remember what happened to me during that time but half the time I’m cringing at the style of writing and going OMG, I wrote like that??? ๐Ÿ™‚

      And I even found an old army directive letter/document from my ex-boyfriend, the man my mother has always wished to this day I married LOL

      1. Some real memories then! I’ve just started scanning in old photos from years ago which I found in a big bag and I’m getting some lovely memories from them.

      2. Are you going to post them? I love love love looking at old pictures! I just found one of myself with a huge Burmese python named Mistress around my neck! I should post that one of these days and creep everyone out!

      3. Maybe – I did post that one a few weeks ago of me as a kid, and that was not at all flattering! Somewhere there’s a picture of me in drag on stage at a university Christmas party… apparently my high-heeled walk was “disturbingly feminine” ๐Ÿ™‚
        I wanna see you and the python!

      4. Now I want to see that picture of you in drag!!!! Walking in high heels can be quite tricky, I imagine ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I’ll dig out that python picture one of these days!

    1. Thank you. I write this for a friend who suffered a nervous breakdown of sorts. I made her a scrapbook (before scrapbooking was cool so I had to do everything from scratch) with poetry and messages from my online friends during the days of geocities and drawings and pictures.

      She photocopied the whole book in color complete with answers she had written to some prompts I had included to show me that she really liked it – and so I would have my own copy. That’s probably the only reason how I have a copy of that poem that was written for her.

      1. Thanks for sharing the story behind the poem, Morrighan’s Muse. I think those days when we made scrapbooks from scratch were the best ones. I remember the days of geocities – it was not long time back but it feels like a few eras have passed by. Makes me feel nostalgic. It is so wonderful that your friend made a colour photocopy of the scrapbook you gave her and gifted it to you. It must be one of your treasured possessions.

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