The Guilt Trip

I’ve been slacking off on my Daily Prompts and to make up for all those missed posts, I’m going to do the WP Weekly Writing Challenge instead.  This week, I will get to learn how to add pages to my blog post while I tell you a story.  So let’s hope you’re buckled in and ready to go!

I was finally back in New York City, and this time, I was actually staying in New York City – as in Manhattan.

No more taking the cab to Forest Hills where my mother lived and where each trip into Manhattan took some logistical planning, and having to say good-bye to my Manhattan friends and to a night of more promising fun (that I couldn’t have) broke my adventurous heart each time.  Because even in my late twenties, whenever I visited my mother, I had a curfew to keep.

However, this day was not that day to start watching that clock.


That first night, I stayed in a hotel in midtown, where my friend Greg took me to dinner and then up to the Empire State Building.  For a local, he said he’d never been up there before – but that was because he was, after all, a local.

“Only tourists come up here,” he smiled.

The next day, I met up with John, who also lived in Midtown and whose studio apartment had a view of the Empire State Building.  We were going to be joined by another friend from Canada who would come in two days later.  In the meantime, John and I had the time to ourselves and the first order of business was who got the floor and who got the only couch/bed in his studio – because I sure as heck wasn’t sharing that one with him.

Thank goodness, John and I were just friends  because I don’t think I could have handled any more sexual romantic advances on this adventure.

Those first two days were filled with so many activities.  I got to see Manhattan from the eyes of a local – and not just from John’s point of view, but from my other friends as well.  John took me out to lunch at South Street Seaport after a long walk from Midtown, stopping by Central Park to meet friends, before browsing through flea markets.  And after a brief break, we then met more friends at some hip new restaurant called Americano – or something like that.  Honestly, it was all a blur.


Because I didn’t tell my mother I was in town.  Neither did I tell my boyfriend who lived a few blocks from my mother in Forest Hills.

I know, I was bad.  Like, really bad.

And guilt was making me not really enjoy myself unless I had a lot to drink – which, in Manhattan is not a problem at all.

9 thoughts on “The Guilt Trip

  1. Blimey, that was quite an adventure, and meeting your mum by coincidence in such a large city as well! Are you sure she didn’t have a GPS track on your phone 😉

    1. Yes, the gods were mocking me that day…

      I didn’t quite know how to end that story though since there was no obvious lesson or message I needed to impart. Other than don’t get caught next time 🙂

  2. I think the lesson would be not to let anyone rule your life but you, then there would be no guilt because there would be no need for secrets. hindsight is 20/20 though.

  3. Thank you for sharing this adventure. With all the fun and unfortunate happenings. Of all the trains you mother could take… it had to be yours.

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