Daily Prompt: Tread Carefully

How do you manage your online privacy? Are there certain things you won’t post in certain places? Information you’ll never share online? Or do you assume information about you is accessible anyway?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PRIVATE.

I’ve been self-employed since 1997 and being thus means that you have to blow your own horn because let’s face it, even if you’re the best darn massage therapist in the world, if you don’t let anyone know, no one will.  Maybe your cat or dog will know and appreciate your skilled hands,  or your significant other.  Or your friends even – though I’ve heard of massage instructors who tell students not to work on friends while practicing because it makes for awkward situations when it’s time to charge them.  However it only makes me question what type of friends this person has or had.

When I started my massage practice, I worked on friends to build up my skills set which helped spread the word about my skill, or lack therof – depending who you talked to.  And living by the beach in a popular beach town definitely helped, especially if you knew every happy hour schedule of every bar along the strip and people knew what you were up to on a day-to-day-keg-special basis.

Now an online presence for your professional self is one thing.  There’s not much about me on my professional site – just my session offerings and rates, my private practice and teaching schedules, and maybe some random information about massage and bodywork.  It’s pretty boring actually.

But I can’t really NOT post my email address or my phone number if I want prospective clients to contact me, so there goes my privacy there.  After all, I need someone on my massage table/mat if I want to actually work and make a living.

But to have a personal blog, such as this one is a whole different story.  So I try to post daily prompts only, although these damn daily prompts often venture into really private territory and have a knack of making me dig up the old skeletons in the closet without the supervision of some psychotherapist and I find myself revealing more of myself than I ever intended.

However, when it comes to Facebook, it’s a whole different enchilada as well.  Even with all the privacy settings you check off, it’s really not that private.  Definitely not when it comes to the powers behind Facebook and their advertisers.  Whether I like it or not, they probably know more about me than I am aware of.  I’ve even heard that as long as you’re still logged on Facebook while you’re online, they can still track all the sites you’ve visited.

Now isn’t that scary?

Guess I now have to make sure I’m logged off all the networking sites before I check out some porn…

Massage in Session

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tread Carefully

  1. i can attest to the truth about facebook. Google and its products are the worst, though.
    Since I sometimes share a computer, and don’t know who else might be logged onto facebook or gmail or chrome while I’m surfing – and vice versa – I’ve learned to be extra careful.

      1. There’s a joke going round my friends about the number of us whose targeted ads are for erasing a criminal record.

      2. I thought it was just me, or the people I share a computer with, but it seems to be widespread. Even some of my former professors are complaining.
        Sometimes I think you’ll see more ads in certain browsers than others (ie firefox)

      3. It’s really weird. I was getting paranoid, then two of my former profs and TAs said that they were getting the same ads.
        Also someone I know bought cookie cutters online and then found an ad for them on her timeline next time she went on facebook.
        Far too much info being shared

      4. They all share information, unfortunately. It’s like there’s a central clearing house for all the names and what we buy and all that. We may be all just numbers on the screen, but they still know more about us whether we accept it or not.

        Except for hubby though. He doesn’t go online. At all.

        So online, he’s nothing.

        Which is probably a good thing (except for credit card companies – now that’s another post by itself).

  2. I’m not of Facebook but still find the little ads that pop up are now tailored to me. More scary is that i have started to receive emails from TripAdvisor about holiday houses in the UK – i did browse for them but i swear i didn’t request any information or give anyone my email.

    1. Yes, we certainly are being tracked on the internet, and even through our smart phones and of course, our purchases, whether the credit and debit cards we use and those store memberships or store perks we sign up for.

      1. Exactly, people have no idea. Our government made a campaign this year to raise awareness to the public to give their taxpayer number (I don’t know if this is how it’s called in English) when you are buying something to ensure that that store pays its due taxes. So my Mom and a lot of other people think like her, she was upset saying that she won’t do that because this way the government will know what she’s buying and how much she’s spending. And I tried to explain to her that if they want they have ways of finding that out without even needing the taxpayer number, and that this way there were less business owners evading tax… But she doesn’t believe me that we’re being tracked anyway.

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