Daily Prompt: The Interview

Interview your favorite fictional character.

Because I’ve already had a conversation with one favorite character in the past, I’m doing this interview with the most current favorite character – Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Hannibal - Season 1

Dr. Lecter, it’s very nice of you to agree to this interview.  I do know how busy you are these days, so thank you for making time to see me.

You’re very welcome.  Please, call me Hannibal.  This is not a professional relationship, after all.  Would you like something to drink?

You mean I’m not one of your patients…

Yes.  Then that would mean you’ll have to call me Dr. Lecter, and I wouldn’t be offering you anything to drink other than water.  Would you care for a glass of sauvignon blanc?

That would be wonderful, thank you.  Do you think I need to see a psychiatrist?

It depends on why you need to see one.  But that would be for another time.  Before you arrived for this interview, I did prepare an amuse bouche of crostini with mozzarella cheese, chopped tomato and basil.

Amuseh what?

Amuse bouche.  French for ‘mouth amuser.’  Hors d’oeuvres.  Appetizers, if that’s more familiar to you.

Oh.  I really need to brush up my French.

You don’t have to.  They’re just terms associated with food.

Oh, don’t get me started with food.  My first husband was a chef.  I just found out that he has his own channel on Youtube where he shows how to cook an egg, because apparently, his ex-wife didn’t know how to fry an egg.

And do you?  Know how to fry an egg?

Sort of.  I think I do.  Although if I remember correctly, I don’t think I ever fried an egg for him the entire time we were married, so maybe he wasn’t referring to me.  There was another ex-wife after me.

Ah, so you’re safe then.  But do you know the different ways to prepare an egg?  Besides just tossing it in a pan?

I think I do.  I’d need to have my iPad in front of me for reference though.  Maybe Eggs Benedict?  Poached?  Hard-boiled?  You know, I never go wrong with hard boiled eggs, although I end up cracking the shell sometimes.

Never say never.  A good cook never cracks the shell unintentionally especially when he intends to just boil an egg.

I never said I was a good cook. 

I think I’m beginning to believe that.  So, what is this interview about?

I need pointers.  Cooking pointers. 

I’ll give you just one.  Be passionate.  About anything.  Or anyone.  When you are passionate about something – whether it’s just boiling an egg – perfection is close at hand.  Don’t you agree?

You know, this crostini is so good, I’m bound to agree with anything you say.  But yes, I shall keep that in mind.  Especially when it comes to what I love to do the most.

And that is?

Writing.  In fact, I might just even write about you.

Why, I’m flattered.

And I’ll also have the best hard-boiled eggs in my neighborhood.  So you should come over and give it a try.

Don’t tempt me.


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