If Bilbo Baggins were a Reiki Master.

Just for today, walk with Bilbo and do no harm.

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I was watching the movie version of “The Hobbit” last night, and it reminded me of a book, Walking with Bilbo, in which the authors used The Hobbit to help people on their spiritual journey. What, I wondered, would Bilbo have to say to those of us who follow the Reiki Way? Let’s see:

* Get up and go. It wasn’t easy for Bilbo to leave his comfort zone, the little luxuries of his beloved home Bag End, his cherished routines, and set off into the unknown. But he did find the strength, the inner resources, to take the plunge. When we begin to follow the Reiki path, we too are stepping out of our comfort zones and entering the Wild. We don’t know where the path will lead us, but, like Bilbo, we can decide that the risks are worth the reward.

* Look ahead. Bilbo had, from a…

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