Daily Post: INTJ

I’ve been terrible with these Daily Prompts of late because of a nagging cold that just won’t go away, although I have a suspicion that it’s a sinus infection.  Two weeks and counting and it’s not fun.

It’s even stopped me “cold” from continuing my “Broken” story because I cannot get my storylines straight inside my muddled head.  And believe me, it’s not fun being inside my head when the characters are all vying for their parts to be written down.  Now.

I'm still waiting...
I’m still waiting…

But at least, this cold won’t stop me (at least for today) from doing the Daily Prompt.  If I only knew what the hell INTJ* means, it would be great, but at least this is one question that I can answer.

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

I usually hate the idea of going to parties (because that’s usually the same time to want to read that book I’ve been putting off to read) but once I’m there, it’s often not too difficult to be the life of the party – and it turns out that I love parties after all, especially when they involve good friends and lots of alcohol, or just wine – at least these days.

Crowds, however, I’m not too excited about. Especially pointless crowds – shopping during Christmas, or just crowds during the summer, or a crowded NY subway during rush hour – in the middle of summer.  Crowds simply leave me so drained that I just crawl back home and swear never to do it again.

But there have been a few crowds that I didn’t mind finding myself in.

The biggest crowd I ever found myself caught in was back in 1986, when Corazon Aquino visited my home town during the People Power Revolution.  I was working for a radio station then and covering the news and the first crowd I witnessed was at this stadium that simply left me dumbfounded.

But not as dumbfounded as the night “Cory” stood on stage at the Fuento Osmena rotunda to face the people and as she was leaving, I got to go onstage as part of the press.  I remember turning around to face the crowd and that was a powerful moment.  To see a sea of faces before me that I barely could tell where one end began and where one ended was simply so amazing that I was at a loss for words.

This depicts EDSA in Manila but you get the drift.  Clicking on the link will take you to the timeline of events in 1986.
This depicts EDSA in Manila but you get the drift. Clicking on the link will take you to the timeline of events in 1986.

I still remember that moment when my knees actually shook beneath me and I thought I’d just crumple right then and there from the sheer power of what I was seeing.  I also thought I was going to cry.  It was truly “People Power” taken literally.

Clicking on the image will take you to EDSA 1 People Power post by Mr. Paranoid Schizophrenic
Clicking on the image will take you to EDSA 1 People Power post by Mr. Paranoid Schizophrenic

And for that one moment, I was so proud to be called a journalist, even though it was a moment that’s so difficult to really explain to people – and one that I never really told anyone about because within one or two days, the Marcos family fled the country and a whole new world came about.

Suddenly that moment of standing before the crowd was nothing in light of what was to be.  Besides, just think of how you can maneuver your way through that crowd to get home in time for curfew and knowing you’re going to fail so miserably was enough to burst anyone’s balloon.

But just when  you think I’m all so boring and all so political and oh so proper, there are a few crowds I never minded being in.

One of them was at the Estero beach volleyball tourney in Ensenada, Mexico, where I got to attend the first year and made it all the way to the semi-finals (we lost that first round because of me) and the second year, when the event just blew up from the previous year and because I wasn’t playing beach volleyball competitively that year, I had more fun.

It would definitely rank up there for me, especially the night time parties where there was hardly any room to move and everyone was just having fun – just make sure you know where your keys and what hotel room you’re at, and where the tylenol is for the morning after.  Oh, and don’t use the hotel bathroom water even to “just” brush your teeth!

*Just found out that this is the Myer Briggs personality type.  INTJ stands for introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment.

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      1. smiles enigmatically 🙂

        good to know that you’re creativ eand goal-oriented — means you will reach your artistic goals!

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