Write With Your Heart

After posting my last blog entry, WordPress gave me a quote from one of my favorite movies, which I promptly forgot about – Finding Forrester.  They had a partial quote so I had to track down the actual quote from the movie:

No thinking – that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is… to write, not to think!

I just love this quote and wish I could have this in a poster size print somewhere in my house where I can look at it and be reminded of how I should write, and not over-think things – just like I’m doing now as I reach the final stretch of my fanfiction story, Broken.

I really want to finish this story because I need to get started on my original story.  But first thing’s first for me and that means to finish what I started, whether it means to give my characters, Alexa and Lucas, a sad ending, or a happy one. Well, if I stuck with MI5/Spooks cannon, we all know where Lucas is going to end up, so I have to decide what path to take before I write out the next word for Chapter 20 onwards.

Oh, heck – screw cannon.  I need to just write from the heart, and think with my head later.  In the meantime, to get my mind out of the mindset of a Richard Armitage fan and back to the mindset of Lucas North, the character, here are a few fanvids I have recently stumbled upon and which will get writing juices flowing soon – I hope.

Both videos are by GiztheGunslinger and I love them!

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