What Is Your Goal as a Writer?

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Laura Drake

I’m not talking about getting published, or seeing your book on a shelf.

Think back to when you first entertained the notion of putting the story in your head onto paper (or in pixels.) What did you hope to accomplish back then?

I’ll bet it wasn’t to beat Stephen King’s annual income, or to see your book as a movie.

It was closer to the bone than that, wasn’t it? I’ll bet it was things like:

  • Wanting someone to escape their burdens for a few hours, living in your story
  • Having another human realize that they’re not alone in what they feel
  • To entertain people
  • To inform people about the other side to an issue
  • To Educate

That’s what storytellers do. Isn’t that why you started writing to begin with? For whatever reason, you wanted to be a storyteller.

But on the road to becoming a storyteller…

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