Daily Prompt: Teacher’s Pet

I don’t remember his name now but let’s say it was “John”. John was my screenwriting teacher and I came into his class as a total newcomer to the world of screenwriting classes. All his other students were from his earlier classes and all of them already had screenplays that needed fleshing out.

When I came in, I had an idea for a historical story and by the time the semester was over, I had a completely fleshed out first act. I still remember the long letter he included with my work that arrived in the mail and in it, were the words that encouraged me to continue writing as he said that my script was one of the few “well thought out and perfect” screenplays he had ever read come through his classes.

Though I ended up ditching the screenplay months later after I got myself entangled in the third act (and in desperate need of help and advice), I never stopped writing my ideas on anything that could hold my thoughts.

These days I’m ready to tackle writing classes again and the Writers Program at UCLA is on my list again. For God only knows I need all the help I can get by the time I get to the third act of every story I write!

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