good day

today’s not a good day
to write poems about love
today’s just one of those days
when i can’t find anything good to speak of

until i hear the sound of your voice
recognize that familiar laugh
and feel the hint of a smile on my lips
your words like fading ink on a photograph

suddenly i’m writing this down
reminding myself to never forget
how your voice soothed the ache in my soul
and quieted every regret

i’ll be happy again, don’t you worry
this deep sadness will eventually pass
just keep talking to me, don’t ever stop
even though we both know this will never last


i dreamt of you last night
for the first time since you left
i felt you right here with me
so beautiful, no one would ever have guessed

how you simply walked away this month last year
from the world that could use your passion now
your tenacity at fighting for others gone
you simply didn’t see this life worth living somehow

and i’ve been angry this entire time since
for things between us didn’t end as well as we thought
you told me things i’ll never forget
nineteen years of friendship all for nought

but i dreamt of you last night anyway
you stood alone next to my bed
he wasn’t with you this time around
did he wait for you or did he simply go ahead?

maybe it was our last goodbye,
one to replace the angry words we exchanged that final day
when i begged you to reconsider continuing on
until we both ran out of things to say.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday


you’re gone and i’m done
wishing you were still here

counting the days since you left
your goodbyes ringing hollow in my ear

i wish there’d been a warning
i wish i saw it coming

but even if there’d been one
fully trusting you was my shortcoming

and so i sit here bathed in the morning fog
promising never again to give my heart away

for i love too much and trust too blindly
only to have my heart broken and frayed

and so i’ll stitch it up again
fill its cracks with words and tears

promising never to fall so hard again
and stay numb in my fears


do you know what you did to me
when i first met you?

do you have any idea how you saved me
how the sound of your voice pulled me through

from the darkness i was drowning from
your words of unconditional love

were the reminders i needed to hear
of all the things i’m deserving of

like life’s little joys
just when i was at my worst

hearing only the awful things i told myself
words so unrelenting… unrehearsed

but somehow you undid all that
even if i had to listen to you on repeat

that even after the day you’d leave
i knew i was already complete.


i sometimes feel things too deeply
though there are days i barely notice the sun

too lost in my own emotions
tangled in regrets of things done… and not done

maybe one day i’ll learn to move on
maybe the time will come when i’ll have no choice

but to walk away from the lies you keep saying
maybe then i’ll find my voice

hand on heart

i could have sworn i heard your voice today
and for a moment, i thought you came back
but it was all wishful thinking
looks like i still have a lot to unpack

for no one ever said breakups are easy
they leave broken hearts in their wake
even letting go is overrated
there’s still no balm to this ache

so i find myself still missing you
late into the night when i should be asleep
thinking of you and where you are now
wishing i never let you in so deep


it’s been eleven days since you left
and i think i’m doing okay
the words have finally started to flow
they come more and more each day

but sometimes i see something
that inevitably reminds me of you
followed by that familiar tug inside my chest
before i tell myself not to feel so blue

for you are where you need to be right now
unencumbered and free
you’ve moved on and one day, I will, too,
even if sometimes it’s not that easy

Let Your Soul Play

Well, what do you know?  It’s Saturday!
One of the best days of the week,
when the world slows down and says, “Hey!
Life really isn’t that bleak.”

So throw all your worries away,
forget about every one’s tantrums
The week is over; it’s time to play
Time to smell all those flowering blossoms

Or write a poem and read it out loud
even if there’s no one there to listen
Let your thoughts spring wings and fly
Let your dreams find their haven.

Or maybe hike up that hill in the distance
and watch the birds fly high above
Blink at the sun’s rays warming your skin
Be with the people you love.

Tonight, let’s pop open the wine
And turn up the volume just a bit
so we can dance like no one is watching
This is no time to sit still

But laugh, and even sing if the mood hits you
Forget the housework for just one day
It’s time to rest, it’s time to let go,
time to let our souls play.

Daily Prompt


remnants of your presence
still create that unmistakeable
hitch in my breath
that twinge of denial
that saps me
of all my strength
to ward off these feelings
of missing you all over again
the pain may not be
like it used to be
but your leaving
is something I’ve yet
to comprehend


i have a tattoo between my breasts
inked there for a boy i once loved
long gone now though ink remains
forever there it taints
constant reminder
innocence fades
taunting me
my heart

*Nonnet: A nonnet is a type of poem which has nine lines, with the first line having 9 syllables, the second 8 syllables, the third 7 until the ninth line has only one. Some nonnets may also have an iambic meter (stress on every other syllable).

Daily Prompt