Plotting (Or Supposed To)

I’m pretty much a procrastinator
Still, knowing that, what do I do
when I’m supposed to be tying loose ends
yet here I am, killing time with you.

I really should be working
for I’ve got so many things to do –
Stories to write and plot away
instead of dreaming dreams with you.

The novel won’t write itself, I’m sure
though it may not have much choice
when I while away my time off the page
my poor characters find their voice,

and run off with the story
it’s the only thing they can do
as I finally chase after them with pen and pencil
and write their story the way I was meant to.

So I’m Supposed to Be A Writer

So I’m supposed to be a writer
though really, it’s no big deal
at least my family indulges me
with looks of pity it’s surreal

with no real books to carry
there’s nothing for me to show
but black print on some tablet
just strings of words that I know

It’s what I tell myself each morning
as I sit in front of a screen
that I really am a writer now
It’s all I’ve ever been

Since I was a little girl
spinning all my stories with glee
so let me tell myself I’m a writer again
hoping it’s the same thing everyone sees

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